Our Ice Lolly product range have the highest quality we could reach.

We ethically chose them to be vegan and locally produced. Our non-alcoholic versions are 100% pure fruits with no added sugar or water.

Our alcoholic cocktail versions are also vegan and hand made locally. Currently, our shapes are available in two shapes:

  • The Vulva (100ml)
  • The Phallus (100ml)

Smoothie Options

Lusty Ice menu 1

Alcoholic versions

lustyice menu 2
Where can I find those ice lollies?

We have been limiting our production to be at key events in Germany but intend in being in more countries very soon.

Please check our Events Page to see where will be with our stands in the months to come.


Can we have you at our Festival?

Well that all depends on the size and distance of the event. We have in the past sent out some ice lollies by post successfully but also we have had the experience of it not being as successful which was a big deception to all parties.

Send us an inquiry with: Name of your event, Dates, how many guests come to your event. Email us

lusty ice

Can I buy your ice lollies online?

Currently we do not do online B2C sales because our businesses is too small to focus on individual demands and consider the risk of clients not receiving it.