This year we can produce the lollies and send them to you straight to your home in a couple of days and this all over the EU.

We ship from Berlin in a cool box with dry ice. The ice lollies will be ready to eat straight away on arrival and you may put them in the freezer to keep for another time.

Orders are from 10-20 ice lollies at our retail price of 4euros for non alcoholic ice lollies and 5 euros for the cocktail versions. Each 100ml ice lolly comes packaged.

An order will have the additional cost of the thermal boxes, the dry ice and the shipping which is 9 euros.


Chiringay , Ibiza

More to come


Sell ice lollies for us and make very interesting margins, just contact us for our B2B prices. We do not accept all candidates but only those who promote a safe, respectful and queer friendly environment.


On the 1st of June 2018, our first ever shop opened in Ibiza City. In the gay heart of the city, we will be serving freshly made Ice lollies.

The juices which compose the lollies were locally produced in a fruit market the morning before we freeze them. Each lolly was a smoothie of at least 3 different ingredients. There was no added water or sugars in the products. This made our product hand-made, locally produced, lactose free, vegan, healthy and 100% pure fruit based. Our shop closed at the end of the season but will still be sold on the island at Chiringay, a local restaurant on the nudist beach of Es Cavallet.

Home or Party order:

Interested in Buying for yourself or friends? We sell and deliver to individuals on a minimum basis of 20 ice lollies. For more information send your request via the Lusty Ice contact Page.