Luscious Market

about this event

Feminist & Educative

The Luscious Markets bring entrepreneurs from the Feminist community together to exhibit and sell their hand crafted goods. Luscious Market is a market based on Feminist ideas and Education around Taboo topics.

The topics differ on a yearly basis.

The event is organised for (and by) feminists but anyone willing else to be educated is welcome to join and support our community.

about this event

A few things to expect


In our workshops we use theory about the topics to help our guests better understand our educational messages. We can use live talks but also unique pre-recorded workshop tutorials.

Our guests can expect one or two workshops per day.


We of course will have a lot of stands that relate to the topic. From artists to international businesses. We want to offer our guests the best ranges of products related to the topic.

However, the topic can of course be stretched and be expressed through all sorts of products.


We curate our exhibitions with local and international talent. Each art piece has to have a link to the topic. We work with photography, art installations, sculptures and audio visual art.

Each artist has to feel close to the topic at hand.

Upcoming Events

For our list of upcoming events and for booking a stand go on our events page.