Qweer Market

About this event

Putting the “We” in Queer

The Qweer Markets bring entrepreneurs from the LGBTQI+ community together to exhibit and sell their hand crafted goods.

Those events are for (and organised by) queer identifying peoples (and friends).

In a capitalist system it is never easy to succeed as a small independent queer identifying business which is why we built this event. We make sure to welcome all like minded people and their friends to support the LGBTQI+ enterprising community.

We believe an economic independence through entrepreneurship is of great importance to marginalised communities like our own.

The Queer community come together to sell their best gift pieces at our 3 market. We have 3 seasonal events: Spring, Summer and Winter.

This is a family friendly event even though there may be some products sold that are for adult use only.

about this event

A few things to expect


Based mostly in Berlin, our curation selects Artists from the community to express their Queerness through their medium. It can be photography, painting, projection art or sculptures.


Designers, non-for-profit Projects, artists, e-companies and shops will be there to exhibit their products to you: from Fashion, Arts & Crafts to Kinky items.

Upcoming Events

For our list of upcoming events and for booking a stand go on our events page.